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World-class company specializing in P/S parts
We are Smart Electronics

Company introduction

By sharing the results of developing smart and safe parts through collaboration, Smart Electronics is doing its best to establish a mutually win-win corporate culture, develop products continuously, and become No. 1 in the P/S parts industry through MKTG.

  • Company name
    Smart Electronics Inc.
  • Representative
    Kang Shin-wook
  • Date of establishment
    April 19, 1995
  • Number of employees
  • Capital stock
    3.24 billion KRW
  • Locations
    3 in Korea and 1 overseas

Welcome to the
SMART Electronics

Be the SMART

CEO Message

Protector & Sensor No.1
Smart for everyone’s happiness

Dear customers!
As a company established with the management philosophy of “a reliable company, respecting human beings” and the innovative management system of “the employee stock ownership program,” which was introduced for the first time in Korea, we have garnered the unwavering love and support of our customers.
All the members of our company have worked together to breathe life into the best company specializing in resistors, backed by a strong sense of ownership, responsibility, and teamwork have also diversified our business for circuit protection elements and sensors through continuous co-working with our customers and R&D investment, thus transforming ourselves into the foremost leader in the protector and sensor sector, such as precision resistors, overcurrent protection elements, overvoltage protection elements, current control sensors, and temperature sensors.
Going forward, we will build a one-stop service system in the protector and sensor sector, secure the unique eco-friendly technical process, and cultivate the best-in-class talent to provide smart parts and ultimate solutions to our customers, thereby contributing toward creating a more convenient and safer world. We will continue to mount on the challenges and pursue our passion to rise as the unparalleled leader in the protector and sensor market that creates a “smart world where everyone is happy.” Once again, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all our customers who have remained as supportive and loving as ever.
Thank you.

Kang, Shin Wook, CEO of Smart Electronics Inc.

Global No.1 Innovator

We work SMART
By achieving common goals based on specialty / mutual understanding / responsibility,
we assure the great achievements of our members and gain the trust of our customers.
    SMART parts,
    A safe and
    convenient world
    No. 1 for P/S parts
    A smart world
    where everyone is happy


  • Specialty

  • Mutual understanding

  • Accomplish

  • Responsibility

  • Trust

GOALS 25810

The foundation we have built leads to outcomes
allowing us to share them with all members.

  • The happiness of our membersPride Jump Up Smart
    · The best treatment in the parts industry
    · Support for developing the highest degree of competency
    · Organizational culture of autonomy and responsibility
  • Competency goalsNew Build Up Smart
    · Development of unique products
    · At least 30% of the new product sales
    · Construction of smart factories
    · Cultivation of the best experts in each field
  • Performance goalsTop Make Up Smart
    · At least 80 billion KRW in sales revenue
    · At least 10% operating profit margin
    · No. 1 in the domestic market share for P/S parts

We work SMART

Smart Electronics will continue to earn the heart of its customers with the best eco-friendly technology and quality.