• Talent Recruitment

World-class company specializing in P/S parts,
We are Smart Electronics

Company introduction

Smart Electronics considers people as the most valuable asset, and unfolds diverse active talent cultivation activities to secure and cultivate their capabilities.

Smart Electronics’
want talent

  • Smart people with expertise

    Hone the highest degree of competency in the given line of work and fully share personal information/knowledge/experience

  • Smart people working together

    Create mutual benefits and synergy throughout the company with a sense of community through mutual respect and considerate words and actions

  • Smart people who achieve

    In every aspect, look for all opportunities and mount on to challenges with complete passion to fulfill the given duties and goals.

  • Smart people who fulfill their responsibilities

    Based on self-confidence, take the initiative with a sense of ownership and fulfill the given responsibilities to perform the tasks within the schedule.

  • Trusted smart people

    Perform tasks in a transparent and reasonable manner based on acknowledgment and respect to improve the company's competitiveness and build the organizational culture of autonomy and responsibility trusted by the customers.

Promotion system

Those who are eligible for promotion in each position must undergo the basic evaluation for promotion and the review of the final promotion committee to determine their promotion status.
In addition, for those with special abilities or excellent performance, outstanding talents are cultivated through periodic and on-request selection and promotion.

Support for the talent cultivation
and personal development

  • · Job competency development training
    · Cyber training
    · Group training

  • Incentives for employees with excellent language skills

  • Tuition support for language enhancement and certification

  • Allowance support for those who acquire work qualifications

Welfare benefits

As part of our continuous effort to ensure corporate stability and growth,

we plan to operate and develop various kinds of better welfare benefit systems within the scope permitted by management conditions to ensure that all our employees benefit from a more affluent life.

  • Application submission
    All school expenses for kindergarten (from 3 years old),
    middle school, high school, and university students
    School expenses suppor
  • Support for congratulations and condolences
    Congratulatory and condolences leave and monetary support for congratulations and condolences
  • Gifts and souvenirs
    Souvenirs for Chuseok, Seollal, the founding anniversary, Labor Day, and more
  • Support for health checkups
    Support for health checkup expenses for employees
  • In-house restaurant
    Lunch provided
  • Commuter bus service provided
    Busan, Ulsan, and Yangsan Commuter bus service
  • Long-service award
    For those who serve for 10, 20 and 30 years Travel vouchers
  • Club support
    Support for monthly club activity expenses

Job posting

  • Application submission

  • Document screening

  • Interview screening

  • Recruitment confirmation

  • Health checkup for recruitment

To apply for a job posted, fill out the job application on the website and submit it via e-mail or by post.
Document screening
After the application deadline, their academic background, experience, qualifications, aptitude, and so on are reviewed to select the applicants for interviews.
Interview screening
Through individual interviews with interviewers, the applicants' personality, qualifications, abilities, basic practical skills, and job aptitude are fully evaluated to determine the final successful candidates.
Health checkup for recruitment
Basic recruitment screening for those who pass the final exam